What is an Alpha Life?

According to Lexico, Alpha is the first letter of Greek alphabets. First star in a constellation is also denoted by Alpha. It is also used to denote a person who has a dominant role or position within a particular sphere. You might have heard about Alpha male/female personality from various personality/dating coaches. As per their theories females are more attracted towards Alpha males. This means  “Alpha” is used to denote something interesting, something attractive, something important and something fulfilling & satisfactory.
So the “Alpha Life” is a life which is lived to the fullest!

Alpha Life is a complete Life. The completeness is really subjective. But in a general sense a life which gives a sense of fulfillment can be considered as a complete life. One can get the happiness from getting a new government-job, from getting married or buying your dream car! People also name it fulfillment when something is completed, whether it is your graduation or a project or expected end to the last season of your favourite TV series like Game Of Thrones (Oops! I didn’t see that coming ?).
Often that feeling of fulfillment does not last long. We often blame it to the circumstances or our luck. A child who was getting excellent grades during school, when starts failing in his high school exams, starts blaming the increased course-syllabus or the bad weather on the examination day. One should agree that these factors can ‘influence’ the results, but it’s also agreeable that the result doesn’t depend solely on these things. Thus, instead of playing the blame game, one should try to find the reasons behind it and the ways to make the feeling of fulfillment last longer. This is what exactly the people leading an Alpha Life do!

The completeness also includes the Health of the individual. Eating healthy, staying healthy will make it easier to focus on your life goals. Also it includes Intellectual Development. Intellectual ability is the major factor in the progress of human species. This basic attribute is an important factor which needs to be taken care of in order to achieve a better life.
Alpha Life is not an eternally happy life but it’s graceful! Graceful in the sense that it has a perfect balance of human Emotions. Human beings have the capacity to feel, understand, express and control their emotions. But every human being does not have the same capacity to deal with emotions. At this point the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient can help you delve deeper into the concept of Alpha Life. These capacities are not static. They can be developed at any point of your life, but the earlier you start the better it gets!

The Purpose and Goals are the inseparable factors of any complete life. Why is it that only a few people can achieve what is considered unachievable? Is it because they have extraordinary abilities like Superman or is it because they have developed their extraordinary tools like Iron-man? Mind you, this is not about Marvel vs DC!
I would quote the motivational speaker Shiv Khera here-

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

– Shiv Khera

This is what exactly they do.

Let’s suppose your short term goal is to get an A+ grade in your Masters. You’ll get free time between two semesters and after the daily lectures. How do you spend that time? You definitely don’t study. Some people watch TV series, some listen to songs and some stock their ex’s on Instagram (see I caught you!). That’s the time you can invest in your hobbies. Hobbies play important role in making a life complete. But what makes the difference is understanding what is hobby and how it differs from entertainment.
For our millennial generation, the Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. But one needs to save oneself from getting consumed by it while consuming it. The Alpha people make it sure that the technology works for them the way they want it to. Technology has taken a leap forward during last century. Recently it has become affordable and hence got integrated into our day to day functioning. Our work places, homes and every other surrounding is filled with technology. Lest we forget the People, we should read their stories and experiences, for they are the only who have made all these things possible. Reading about Alpha personalities keeps one’s Alpha Life journey on track. It keeps us motivated, warns us about the mistakes we might make and teaches us the ways to achieve our true potential. So knowing/reading about them is important.

Finally the life will remain incomplete without the Relationships. We are social creatures. We evolve through our social experiences. The emotional and physical needs make it essential to have relations. Parents, spouse, brothers/sisters, daughter/son and friends all are important. One needs to know how to maintain all these relations along with balancing the personal goals.

So these are the basic attributes of an Alpha Life. Yes, that’s it! You thought it’s going to be something very high-sounding ‘quantum mechanics-like’ thing? Nope! Isn’t it simple? You would be happy to know, All Good Things Are Simple! Now enjoy the day and come back tomorrow and pick any attribute from this article and start you journey towards your goals! Have a great time. ?