Using OneNote to Make Life Easier

The millennials are experiencing the technological boom. From smartphones to smart-watches everything has became smarter than us! The Artificial intelligence is the new Precious Ring which will make the next Frodo a Lord. Since the invention of the wheel we have came so far in the field of technology. Then comes a point when innovation starts to stagnate. So what do we do now? It’s simple! ‘Effective Utilisation’. We should start utilising the technology at our disposal as effectively as possible.
In this article I’m going to cover how to use One Note in order to make life easier.

The Microsoft One Note is a note taking software. It’s available for free on nearly all the Operating System platforms. What you need to do is just log in using your Microsoft account. Once you log in, it opens a Pandora’s box for you.

You can create multiple ‘Notebooks’, ‘Sections’ and ‘Pages’. You can relate this to your bookshelf.

This makes things easy to organise. I personally maintain two notebooks. One is for Academics and other one is for Personal life. Then I’ve created the sections as per my subjects for example history, science, etc. Further I’ve added the notes for individual topic or lesson.

In each note you can insert PDF files, images, audio or the external links. I’ve given the example of external link in the note.

The next option on the Menu is Draw.

You can use the Apple Pencil or you can draw directly using your finger. But personally I prefer Notability to use Apple Pencil. It is much more smooth and feels like writing on paper. But it’s paid and available exclusively on iOS. So if you don’t want to spend your money on Notability or if you use other operating system, you can go for One Note.

Using this feature you can highlight the important lines, make underlines and boxes and can take notes.

On the iPad the draw option shows multiple pens to select from.

These are the basic features you need to know while using One Note. For detailed features you can visit their official website. Now that we have got ourselves introduced to this wonderful application let’s understand how to make life easier using One Note.