Using OneNote to Make Life Easier II

Imagine yourself talking to a friend who’s eager to meet you after so many years and he asks you to take down an address. Would you start searching for a pen and a paper? You might say that you might take a voice note. But come on, nobody uses that feature.
One Note comes with widgets which makes it easier and faster to start taking notes.

You can start with 1. Text 2. Photo 3. List. The widget will also give you the direct access to the frequently used notes.
You might complain that you are not fast at typing things on a cell phone, I have a solution for you. Use Swipe Keyboard.

Go back to the days when you were newly married or trying to impress your crush. If he or she asks you to bring something from the store on the way, you dare forget a thing! No need to worry, One Note helps you create a list on the go.

Suppose you are a student and want to work on an assignment or a project with your project partners, but you all are miles apart. How will you collaborate? A video call? Sending the screenshots on WhatsApp or sharing the PDFs in a mail? Can you imagine how long will it take to make corrections and additions? With One Note, this becomes much more easier. You can invite your friends to you notebooks.

You have three options-

a. You can allow them to read the notes.
b. You can allow them to read and edit the notes.
c. You can send them a copy of your page with email or with another app.

Now all your friends can see what you have written and they can make any modifications right away.

Later you and your friends can see who has made what modifications. The paragraphs in your note will show the initials of the person who has made the modifications.

There are so many applications which are used by professionals and students. One Note and Evernote are famous across the platforms. The Notability is famous for iOS. It works best with the iPad and Apple Pencil. So if you are a regular college going student and take regular notes, you can invest your money in Notability and you will never regret it. If you are interested in Notability, you can read more about it here.
But for simple tasks like nothing down the grocery list, sharing the notes with your friends and making PDF notes, the One Note is going to be your perfect partner.