How Hobby is Different from Entertainment?

Your interviewer might ask you a random question -What do you do in your free time?
Or your date might ask you about your hobbies to find a commonality between you two.
I know Sleeping might be your religion and you might have won Movie watching challenges, but you can’t put forward these things in your resume. However, your date might get impressed if you tell her that you breathe ‘Friends’, you eat ‘John Snow'(not literally?) and you wear ‘Suits’, but don’t blame me later that your relation didn’t last long!

Let me ask you two questions-
1. What are you fond of/ What do you like?
2. What things do you like to do?

Take time and try to answer them. Write them in a note on OneNote or scribble it down on a paper if you are still living in the last century ?.
Come on, write it down. I know you are cheating! You need to understand that thinking about answers in your mind and writing them down are two different things. Thinking is just a thought, eventually you’ll forget it. Writing will make this activity an ‘introspective session’ and will create long lasting impressions of these things on your mind and you’ll certainly be an action oriented person. So take a little effort and write them down, I can wait for you to complete.

Now that you’ve written down the answers to these questions, let me tell you why I made you write them.
See your first list. It’s most likely to contain the things like watching movies or tik-tok videos, browsing social media, roaming around, eating or riding a bike.
The second list is most likely to contain the things like painting, writing articles, cooking and origami.

When you compare the two answers, you will see that the first list contains more options which are not-much-demanding and you can consume those things without much efforts. Come on, pressing the buttons on a remote-control is not that challenging, is it? On the other hand, the second list mostly contains the things which need active participation. This is the difference between a hobby and the entertainment.
Hobby is action-oriented, it gives result or an end product. The entertainment is there to just entertain your mind. It does not add much to your personality. Yes, it can help you improve the bonding with your partner if you watch the movies together ‘occasionally’.
Entertainment gives the emotional satisfaction and well-being, so I’m not saying that you should totally avoid the entertainment. But you should understand your priorities and alot the time to entertainment and hobby accordingly.
Hobby needs continuous effort to get result. Entertainment is an easy task! But human beings need continuous improvement – ‘Kaizen’ and that will come through continuous efforts only.
Hobby can earn you money while entertainment can make you spend more!
Hobby can boost your creativity. Entertainment can make you idle.
Hobby can get you extra points in your interview. You can talk about movies only in a Hollywood/Bollywood interview.

These are a few ways in which hobby is different than entertainment. If you know more, share it with others in the comment box.
I understand that hobby is the thing which you love to do in your free time. It’s mostly a thing which falls under the category of ‘entertainment’ as per our recent activity. Do you have the same problem? Now that you have understood how hobby and entertainment are not the same, you can get to know how the entertainment can be turned into a hobby. Or you may want to see a list of hobbies and know how to pursue a hobby.
If you think hobbies are not that much important, let’s debate it here.

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